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MK is an engaging lecturer and teacher with first hand stories and illustrations.  She is available for teaching, lectures, workshops, and hands-on training.

Selected Presentation Topics

  • Use of cannulas for fillers to decrease bruising
  • How to identify rare complications of injectables and to be prepared for anatomical variants
  • Understanding body dysmorphia
  • The importance of post-procedure follow up visits with patients
  • Prevention of biofilm formation secondary to filler injections
  • Prevention of infections and compromised immune status
  • Eliminating acne scars

Selected Lecture Venues

  • American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses Aesthetic Symposium
  • American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses Annual Convention
  • Cosmetic Bootcamp for the CORE Aesthetic Health Care Provider
  • Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists
  • Canadian Aesthetic Nurses Association
  • Palais des Congrès de MontrĂ©al Aesthetic Symposium
  • Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Forum the Multispecialty Meeting

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